Milestones in Placker

Milestones in Placker are a way to group your cards based on a specific milestone, target or subgoal. When cards are assigned to a milestone, the color of the assigned milestone is showed as a flag icon on the card itself. A card can have one milestone. Internally we use milestones in two ways; in our development process milestones are sprints, when setting monthly and quarterly objectives milestones are objectives. In this blog post we will show you everything about milestones.


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Placker upgrade – browser refresh

Placker consists of a client side and a backend side. The client side resides in your browser and needs to be refreshed when there is a new version available. If there is an update available for the client, the client will show a message that you need to reload your page by refreshing your browser.

In principle this should reload the latest version automatically. If you are not logged in when we update the client, you will receive the client automatically when you load placker. If something goes wrong and you are stuck to the old version, use the following steps to refresh the browser;

  1. Reload the browser (again).
  2. Log out and log back in.
  3. Refresh the browser cache (

Be aware that you only want to refresh your browser cache, you do not need to clear everything like the cookies, your stored passwords etc.

If you keep getting the upgrade message, please contact us on


We write a blog post for each release using the category releases, read them here:


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