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Same project. Same board. But you can work in it with both Microsoft Planner or Trello. Placker will take care of synchronization to each-other.

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Set-up Placker to sync across tools

Choose the collaboration tool of choice! And work with people on the work items if they use a different tool. Even within the same team, you can choose Microsoft Planner, Trello or Placker.

In Placker, you can always see real-time what's important for you, in one single view. And always keep teams up to date on their views. Also when info is spread across the Microsoft Planner and Trello boards.

Teams can work in the tools they prefer (or need to use)

It couldn't be easier to synchronize amongst teams, even with different tooling! If one changes a card's due date on Trello and it'll automatically update with the new date in Microsoft Planner. Add links between related tasks, attach files and more right within Microsoft Planner so that no matter what changes are made across all channels, people involved are kept up-to-date on progress of anything they care about. Etc.

Showing on computer screens that team can work both in Microsoft Planner and Trello, since it will be kept up-date-date automatically

Combine Trello + Planner data in one report or Gantt

With Placker, you can combine data from the same and different projects in Trello and Microsoft Planner. Plan and track your projects with a Gantt chart, dashboard view or combined board overview. Zoom in for detailed information on tasks within each project. Independent if it's the information has been created or updated in Trello or Microsoft Planner.

Combine data from Microsoft Planner en Trello, in order to create a dashboard view with a combined board overview

Create your workflow across your MS Planner and Trello

Adapt to your workflow, with Placker for Trello and Microsoft Planner. Create board rules to automatically copy, move or mirror a card across boards. Setup board rules to automate your processes, and manage sub processes on its own boards automatically. Automatically forward cards to the next process step when the previous step is completed.

Trello card mirroring automatically raise cards to the meeting board

Easily set-up for both Microsoft Planner and Trello

Setup your rules on one board, then copy the rules to other boards. This will both for the connected Microsoft Planner and the Trello boards. Just to make it very simple to implement the same workflow for different boards.

Set-up rules by Placker (shown on top), for both Microsoft Planner and Trello

Get started in under 5 minutes

1. Add the Power-Up to your Trello board

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2. Select the board you want to sync at Placker

Select the boards to be in sync for both Microsoft Planner and Trello.

3. Let Placker do the syncing for you

Cards will stay synchronized across your boards automatically.

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Start a 15 day free Trial today, no credit card required!

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Is Placker for me?

Placker will help to sync on Trello and Microsoft Planner, for example for :

✅ One team is used to work in Microsoft Planner, while the other is used to Trello. Now they can work on the same project in their own tool.
✅ You've projects across different teams. Some teams work in Microsoft Planner, while others in Trello. Now you can keep a single overview.
✅ Project leaders that need to keep track of many activities across different projects, across Microsoft Planner and Trello.
✅ Teams that work with many suppliers, however where there is no uniform tooling and effective way of communicating with them.

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