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Manage your teamwork time-efficient, by using workflow automation. Move cards, update cards and mirror cards across boards. Automatically.

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Automate your Trello workflows

Trello is a great tool to structure your work. And if you like it as much as we do, you may start using it more and more. Therefore, you may notice to be spending more time on updating cards and to shift them to the right place. What if there is something that can do this for you?

The Board Workflow Trello Power-Up enables automations on managing cards. The set-up is easy and you can tailor it to fit your workflow. If you need help or wish to get inspired on the possibilities in your specific situation, please reach out to our experts by chat!

Define card rules across boards. Stay in control.

You can set-up board rules to automatically copy, move or mirror a card across boards. For example, you can create a personal board to keep an overview on multiple projects. Just set-up the rule to automatically create a mirrored card on this personal board for you, whenever you are assigned to card on multiple other boards.

With the Workflow Power-Up from Placker you'll have an easier overview when working on more boards and teams are distributed.

Define card rules shown for Trello board workflow

Automate processes with a few clicks. Save time.

How does it work? Automatically forward cards to the next process step when the previous step is completed. With project and process based automations, you ensure that execution is not waiting for a 'status update' or 'forward' of a card to the next step in a process. Set up board rules to automate your processes, and manage sub processes on their own boards automatically.

Moving cards automatically to the right step in the process also ensures that your status on your dashboard is representing the actual situation, matching the real situation.

How automated processes forward step by step, from card to card

Two-way card mirrors and checklists-items.

Create 2-way Card to Card and Checklist-Item to card mirrors, which are copies of the card or checklist item that will be kept in full sync across boards. Embedding this in your workflow, will enable you to always have information up-to-date on the place where you - or someone else - needs it to do your job.

Placker has an advanced and unique way of integrating card mirrors on Trello board. Specifically interested in this feature? Read more.

Example shown of a two-way sync between a team meeting on Ryan's task board and Jan's task board

Re-use automation rules for new boards. No re-work.

If you've prepared delicious food that you like, you would probably reuse the recipe the next time. The same idea has been made by Placker for managing cards and boards: With Placker you can re-use your custom set-up.

Setup your rules on one board, then copy the rules to other boards to make it very simple to implement the same workflow for different boards. If needed, you can still tailor or add things.

Showing automation rules being applied and re-used on multiple Trello boards

Get started in under 5 minutes

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2. Set rules to match your workflow

Create rules, defines processes and mirror cards to 'where-ever you want'.

3. Let Placker do the work for you

Cards will be updated across your boards automatically, base on your set triggers.

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Start a 15 day free Trial today, no credit card required!

How does the Trello board flow Power-Up work?

With Trello board flow you can set actions with conditions

In order the set the conditions + actions, different options will be shown to you in tool. It's easily visible and you can try this for yourself easily, the first 15 days are a free trial.

If you'd like now already to get a understanding up to what detail level you can make setting, have a look at our help articles. For example:  
- Automation with card mirroring
- Board settings
- Custom fields supported

The example above are only to give you an impression on the possibilities of Placker. Reach out via chat to ask anything, we're happy to see how it can fit your situation.

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We believe tools like Placker and Trello should strengthen your processes and for this it's important to give you support beyond only Placker as a tool.

Reach out to us with any questions you have, about Placker, Trello or your way of working. We want you to succeed.

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Is the Trello board workflow Power-Up for me?

This Power-Up will help whenever organization on you boards is needed, for example for :

✅ You work across multiple boards and have to keep multiple cards up to date.
✅ Multiple team-members - or even beyond teams - are expected to follow the same proces.
✅ You like working with Trello, but you don't like the repetitive actions of updating cards on multiple fields.
✅ If you want an up-to-date status on, due work-items (cards) being automatically up to date.
✅ When one team-member finished the task, another team-member should be informed it's ready for the next step.

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