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Visually plan your work or process on Gantt charts

Plan your work over time on a Gantt chart that is always up to date.
Create dependencies between cards to auto-schedule cards and guard your dependencies.
Automatically track progress from your Trello boards and compare actual vs planned dates.
Apply filters or change the card sorting to create the view that you need.

View your Trello board on a Gantt chart
Combine any number of Trello boards

Manage any number of boards at the same time

Keep track of your work across any number of boards at the same time.
Understand the full picture by switching between different views, for example to view the workload by team member or view the progress by milestone.
Combine multiple boards into one and keep cards synchronized between your boards.

Use dashboards to stay focused

Visualize your status in dashboards to help you to stay focused and avoid surprises.
Customize your dashboards to show the counters, graphs and trackers that are relevant for you.
Use any of the common kanban, scrum and project management metrics, or add your own.

View your Trello board in a Dashboard

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