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Stay organized

Organize your work in a visible and flexible way using boards, lists and cards. Understand your workload by filtering and sorting the items in any way you like. Keep everyone on the same page, all updates are synchronized in real-time across your team.

Organizing Microsoft Planner cards on boards
Customize dashboard for project management in Microsoft Planner

Stay focused

Visualize your status in dashboards to help you to stay focused and avoid surprises. Customize your dashboards to show the counters, graphs and trackers that are relevant for you. Use any of the common kanban, scrum and project management metrics, or add your own.

Stay flexible

Placker supports any team size, style, process or methodology. Placker is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Planner and Trello, or your own tools through import/export. Placker can be customized in the way that works for your process.

Placker integrates to Microsoft Planner and Trello

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Your are in good company. We are one of the most installed project management power-ups in Trello and now we're releasing this power to Microsoft Planner also. Used by teams from:

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