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Managing your projects is simple,
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We built Placker so you have the tools you need to build a plan, track progress and communicate effectively while continuing to use Trello. 

If you’re looking for a solution to...

  • Increase your productivity
  • Communicate better with your team
  • Get and keep an overview of your work
  • Generate reports with less effort
  • Have all of this in a two-way sync with Trello

...then this Projects by Placker Power-Up is for you! 

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By enabling Projects by Placker in your Trello Power-up menu, you will get:

Our users love Placker

We absolutely love Placker. We have previously used other tools for Gantt charts however it didn't work at all. Also, Trello doesn't give the option to open all boards and work on all projects in one place to make updates.” - Patrycja, Leigh-on-Sea - United Kingdom

“I use trello extensively and have been waiting for ages for a gantt plugin to work. Tried two other ones, but they were very buggy and messy. Placker is intuitive and I have yet to experience any bugs in my trello+placker workflow. Actually I'm so excited I've been telling a bunch of friends and colleagues about it since I tried it out. Will definitely be a long term user.” - Mathias, Norrköping - Sweden

“The best part of Placker for me is that it's become part of my morning routine. I wake up, work out, meditate, and then pull up Placker along with Trello to plan my day. I also really like being able to measure the workload of my people so that they don't get overwhelmed without a specific reason.” - Shannon, United States

3 steps to start Projects Power-up

1. Add Placker Projects to your Trello board

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2. Import your Trello board(s) into Placker

If you import boards from Trello, Placker will also sync the original boards :-)

3. Go! Manage projects, views, charts, etc.

Your reporting and other tooling from Projects by Placker is available!

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Start a 15 day free Trial today, no credit card required!

Start a 15 day free Trial today, no credit card required!

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We believe tools like Placker and Trello should strengthen your processes and for this it's important to give you support beyond only Placker as a tool.

Reach out to us with any questions you have, about Placker, Trello or your way of working. We want you to succeed.

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Does Project by Placker fit my needs?

The Projects Power-Up by Placker solution will help whenever multiple boards are involved, for example for :

✅ Give a high-lever overview to management team
✅ Inform stakeholders with always up-to-date information
✅ Keep in control of multiple projects across multiple programs
✅ Enable teams to easily work across multiple programs
✅ Provide an progress overview on a product development backlog
✅ Help anyone within the project to understand his/her tasks
✅ Manage the scope and timelines of deliverables of suppliers

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