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Everything you can expect from a Trello Gantt chart... and more.

We are experienced project managers ourselves and have worked with hundreds of teams to create the most comprehensive, yet simple to use Gantt chart for Trello.

Start simple by visualizing the planned timelines over time, then extend your Gantt by setting dependencies between card and checklist items, adding milestones and visualize your critical path. Use the resource plan to manage your teams workload and make sure everyone is set for success.

You can create the Trello Gantt chart from only one boards or you can go across multiple Trello boards. Use filters to show exactly the Trello cards you want to visualize. In this way, you can customize the Trello Gantt chart to your way of working.

Plan and track cards and checklist items

With the Projects by Placker power-up, you can sync Trello boards seamlessly and visualize/update card and checklist information in a Gantt chart view.

Trello Gantt chart makes it clear to the team what needs to be done and in whats order. Easily set-up the Trello Gantt chart:

  • Start with existing Trello cards
  • Set start and end dates
  • Create and manage dependencies, across Trello boards

This is of great help to adapt the plan of the project end date, in case there is a change in any of its cards. You can also use the Gantt chart to save a baseline and display a comparison between planned and actual dates and check the progress of cards.

Shifting card items in Trello Gantt chart overview

Manage your resources effectively

Understand your resource planning by visualizing the planned effort across your assigned resources. This makes it easy to spot bottlenecks in your planning and make sure that everyone has a realistic work plan.

Any changes made in the Gantt will be reflected in the resource plan immediately. In case your team is working on multiple boards at the same time, combining all boards into one Gantt will give you the full picture.

Trello Gantt chart used for resource management in Trello project

Adjust the Trello Gantt chart to fit your process

Tailor the Trello Gantt chart for your unique way of managing projects. Use any of the card attributes or custom fields to set your layout or filter your cards. Create and use templates to standardize your way of working across different boards.

For example, you can change the way cards are grouped (by member, list, milestone or any custom field), hide cards that are in a specific list, set a higher or lower zoom, color cards based on their labels, and more

Adjust Trello Gantt chart to process

Seamlessly integrate Placker in your workflow

Placker and Trello are seamlessly integrated, any updates on the cards in Trello will be reflected in the Gantt. Any updates in the Gantt will be updated in Trello.

This way no-one will miss any update and everyone can continue to work in the way they want. Updates done by team members on your Trello board will automatically be reflected in the Gantt chart. When cards are completed in Trello, they will be marked as completed in the Gantt.

Placker creates Gantt chart based on Trello boards and cards

Distribute the Gantt chart

Data is kept in sync with Trello but not everyone on your team has Trello. You can share the Gantt in Placker, by sharing the Placker url or you can export the Gantt so you can include it in your e-mail, report or presentation.

You can export the Gantt chart and resource plan as a PDF or picture (PNG), generate an iCal file to open it in your calendar or export it to MS Project.

You can also export the raw data into an excel file and process it as you need. Upload any updates back into Placker if you want to, which (obviously) updates Trello as well.

Sharing the created Gantt chart to a team

Unleash the full power of Placker in Trello

The Projects by Placker Power-Up is a comprehensive all in one power-up. Next to a Gantt, it also supports card mirrors and custom dashboards.

Use card mirrors to distribute work across boards and create a cascading work breakdown structure. This allows you to link checklist items on one board with cards on another boards and keep them synchronized.

Create dashboard to keep your team members and stakeholders focused and informed. Placker dashboards are updated in real time and also fully synced with Trello to make sure everyone is looking at the latest information and are in full sync.

Other options for Placker at Trello boards, checklists and cards

Use Gantt charts in under 5 minutes

1. Add the Power-Up to your Trello board

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2. Import your Trello board(s) into Placker

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3. Generate the Gantt chart in Placker

Open the Gantt chart in Placker and start planning your work.

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