Trello project management: Power-Up!

Use Trello to manage your projects while Placker provides extra tools, such as scheduling, resource management, and much more.

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Why you need Trello + Placker ?

Your team needs good tools to plan and track their work. Having this in place will improve the chances of meeting deadlines, streamline communication and improve collaboration.

Trello is one of the most used task management software worldwide because of its intuitive structure, which is great for obtaining a high usage level by team members. It works well for basic projects.

However, as they grow, it is not enough to have boards with members, due dates and labels. That’s when connecting Placker to Trello comes in. With the Power-Up created by Placker, you can go to the next level Trello project management! See what Placker can offer to level up your Trello projects in the next sections.

🛣 Visualizing your plan is easier using Gantt charts

Understand your planned timelines and dependencies in Gantt charts.

Plan your workload with a resource planner based on Trello members and make sure your plans are feasible.

Share your plan online in Placker or export it as a picture, PDF or MS Project file.

⏱ Tracking your project progress is automated

Placker captures the actual start and end dates and calculates effort spent for each card. Automatically track the progress of your cards as they move through your board.

Understand exactly what are the overdue cards and identify delays in a timeline.

🔄 Management reporting is simple and in real-time

And another key example of the Trello project management Power-Up: Use dashboards with an extensive library of widgets to report the status of your work accurately.

Dashboards are customizable and will adapt to your organization’s way of working. Placker supports all common graphs like burn-down, completion, throughput, cycle time and progress.

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3. Let Placker create real-time overviews

Your reporting and other project management tooling is available!

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Start a 15 day free Trial today, no credit card required!

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Does Placker fit my projects?

The Placker solution will help whenever multiple boards are involved, for example for :

✅ High level project management to keep a bird-eye overview.
✅ Provide updates to stakeholders.
✅ Program manager that need to keep track of many activities across different projects.
✅ Product owners who manage backlog and need a real-time overview on the progress.
✅ Anyone within the project who is struggling to understand their own tasks.
✅ Teams that work across multiple project.
✅ Project management across 3rd party involvement like suppliers.

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