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1. Sign up

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2. Import boards

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3. Access data

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have GANTT charts?

You can also turn your board into a GANTT chart based on the set due date as well.

Do you have a .... chart?

We support Scrum and Kanban metrics on card completion (burndown) and team throughput/velocity. We are constantly adding new trackers based on your feedback, if you miss one, please let us know.

How do you track plan dates?

We use the due date from Trello to set the planned completion date, in Placker you can also set the planned start date. If you want you can use the GANTT chart to set dates.

How do you track the card completion status?

In addition to Trello, Placker adds a progress indicator and logs the actual start and end dates. You can tell Placker which lists corresponds to which status to automatically update the attributes in Placker whan you move a card from one list to another.

How do you handle my Trello data?

You stay in charge, we will only access your data when you say so. After sign-up you can tell us which boards you want to import, for those boards we will download the board information and keep the board in sync. If you delete the board in Placker, you will delete the link.

What if I need more time?

In our experience most participants will be ok with the allocated time. More coaching calls can be organized when this is needed. (for an additional cost)

Seamless integration

Our integration is seamless. Charts show real-time information. Anything created or updated in Placker will be synchronized with Trello (and vice versa).

All your board updates between Trello and Placker are sychronized between the two tools. You are always in charge of your updates, we will never update or access your information without your permission.

Easy setup

Importing a board is as easy as drag and drop. After the import all default charts will be available for you and we will start to create reporting snapshots.

In order to access your board you are asked to sign-up with Trello. You are always in charge of your updates, we will never update or access your information without your permission.

Fully customizable

Change the color of your charts or add custom charts based on custom attributes. Create different reports for different stakeholders.

You can customize your charts to make them fit your process, style or methodology. Simply copy items in Placker to create stakeholder reports based on specific items.