Getting Started: Focus by filtering

Create any view you want to really understand your activities or discuss the status with sorting and filtering. If sorting determines HOW you want to show your items on your board, filtering determines WHAT is actually shown on your board.

Find out how you can become more focussed and productive using filters, and cover some common scenarios that will help you get started.

The basics

The filter is available by clicking on ‘show filter’ in the top menu of the planning and track overview and will show up in the detail column on the right hand side of the screen.


Using the filter you can set which items to include or exclude in the overview by selecting the attributes to show and hide:

  • Attributes to show will include all items that have the specific attribute set. For example, show all the items assigned to a specific user.
  • Attributes to hide will exclude all items that have the specific attribute set. For example, hide all items that are completed.

You can make any combination of the two and include any number of attributes. If you start typing in the input field you will automatically see which options are available, only attributes that have multiple values will be available for you to filter on.

Using filtering in the plan view

By combining filters and sorting you can create any view, for example if you want to show only the open issues and the risks sorted on the owner, you can:

  • Sort the board on owner
  • Show items of type Issue and Risk
  • Hide items that are Completed or Cancelled

For the move houses board, this will create the following overview:



Adding or removing attributes in the filter will immediately update the board view, allowing you to play with the filters and understand different perspectives, for example by showing the workload of each team member by filtering on different owners.

Using filtering in the track view

Like the plan view, also the track view has a filter to include or exclude items in the tracking overview. Applying the same filter (risk & issues that are not completed) on the track view, will result in the following page.

Filter on any attribute in the track view

Also here the overview is updated instantly to visualise the true status in the trackers, allowing you to play with the overview or generate different views for different purposes. For example when looking at the status you can first see the overall status to then zoom into what is important for you, for instant the overdue items or all items allocated to a specific owner.

Quick how-to on filtering

  • Open the filter by clicking on ‘show filter’ in the top menu, the filter will show up in the right hand detail column.
  • Set the filter in the plan view or the track view.
  • Exclude items with a specific attribute value by hiding this attribute value.
  • Include items with a specific attribute value by showing this attribute value.
  • Setting the filter value will automatically update your overview.